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How Carolyn Lost 63lbs 

Results with our Training Model

  • Lose Fat and Get Lean

Athletic Training

Want a great gym? Why not a great training center? Our youth athlete training programs have seen phenomenal results like dropping 1 sec. off 40m time in 8 weeks!  We have programs here to get the most out of your body and protect you from injury due to the high demands of sport.  For a limited time call 210-781-1888 to set up a FREE movement screen assessment and custom program.

Personal Training

Looking to increase your strength and endurance? Need a jump start on weight loss efforts? Want that extra edge in competitive athletics? At Octane Athletic Performance, we offer private and semi-private personal training options to help you reach your fitness goals. Your personalized program will be designed to reach your goals in the shortest amount of time possible.  Call 210-781-1888 to get your FREE asessment today!

Group Training

Getting fit and strong while having fun is part of what Octane Athletic Performance is about. Composed of a variety of functional exercises, our group fitness workouts provide the ideal environment to keep you moving, improve your endurance, and build up your strength.  If your gym isn't cutting it, take your fitness to a whole other level with us! Call 210-781-1888 to find how Training at Octane AP can help you achieve great RESULTS.